The Cage

overhead-shot-from-cage-2A unique, purpose-built facility designed by Big Shed and Grips Innovations UK for taking overhead shots with no obstructions. “The Cage” offers the perfect no-nonsense solution for the majority of overhead shot requirements.

Its motorised too.

Essentially a motorised platform that traverses the Big Shed main studio roof space (a distance of just over 12 metres) offering camera operators numerous viewing angles.

The advantages:

No wasted time building scaffolding towers or gantries – also giving clients the ability to use all the available floor space.
overhead-shot-from-cage-1No compromised lighting to your subject or set. Easy operation with ultra-quick set up. “The Cage” offers many views to large infinity cove and was designed by photographers for photographers


  • Solid build platform with stair access
  • Carries up to 3 crew and gear
  • Powered travel
  • Position marking and return to mark
  • On board power sockets
  • Three sq.ft (0.9sq m) trapdoor aperture for shooting straight down
  • Fifteen inch square (380mm) “boxed over” aperture
  • Moy camera mount on front jib


Swinton Insurance campaign shot by Tracy Gibbs