Main Studio

Read what both still, film and video creators have said about the Big Shed here. To see images of the Main Studio being used to it’s full potential for a variety of shoots, go to our gallery page here.

Camera/shooting positions for the Main Studio include “The Cage” – a unique feature of the Big Shed – and the ability to shoot from several positions on the Mezz Studio down into the Main Studio.

How big is it?

Cove and scoop:
10.98m wide x 7.31m deep x 4.87m high (36ft x 24ft x 16ft)

Can I get a big coach or truck into the studio?
Yes, you can, check out the gallery to actually see coaches, trucks and other amazingly big things being shot in the studio here

That’s all very well – but how big is the access door to the studio?
The roller shutter door to the main studio is 4m high x 3.46m wide (13ft 1in x 11ft 4in) – in other words, a very big truck tractor unit will fit through easily!

See the diagrams below of both the Main Studio and Mezz Studio for other dimensions and info. Click on the plans to enlarge.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page to view a 360 degree Quicktime movie of the Mezz Studio.

To download A4 size printable PDF plans of both the Main and Mezz Studio click here

Main Studio and Mezz Studio diagrams



Shooting in the main studio – a size guide.

Below you will see a election of pic showing a car on the scoop. All the pics have been shot with a full frame DSLR. Lens sizes, shooting positions etc have been marked on the pics for you to get an idea of what can be achieved in the main studio. Click on the pics to view a larger image. If you wish to download these sheets as a pdf click here.

Big Shed Studio Dimensions1

Big Shed Studio Dimensions2

Big Shed Studio Dimensions3

Big Shed Studio Dimensions4

Big Shed Studio Dimensions5

Big Shed Studio Dimensions6

Big Shed Studio Dimensions7

Big Shed Studio Dimensions8

Big Shed Studio Dimensions9

Big Shed Studio Dimensions10

Big Shed Studio Dimensions11

Big Shed Studio Dimensions12

Big Shed Studio Dimensions13

Shooting in the Mez studio.

How do you get all your stuff into the mez (heavy kit, props, set build flats etc). See the pic below – the Big Shed Mez Studio has lift access – up to 2 tons can be raised in one go!

mez access web1

Mez Studio shown below using daylight


Mez Studio shown below completely blacked out




Place your cursor over the image, then click and drag either left or right to see a 360 degree view of the Mezz Studio at Big Shed.