Yippie Ki-Ay…


We’ve all seen Die Hard 1, at least six times, right?

Well, what else would you do with a 12ft length of steel ducting that’s been lying idle round the studio, and spent most of its time in the way being very unsociable?

The bit where Bruce crawls through the ducting towards the camera, lights his Zippo and says sardonically: “come up to the coast, get together, we’ll have a few laughs…”

We thought we’d shoot a little spoof of that scene. And it would be good to make use of the Mezz Studio for some stills while someone was shooting yet another glitzy vid in the main studio.

Sadly we couldn’t get Bruce this time around (we tried really, really hard, phoning and emailing, but he was busy doing DH462 or something) So our fave model, Sam Brown, steps – or should that be crawls, in to be our ‘Brucette’.

It worked out well – the movie had a square duct, we had a round duct; Bruce is a bloke, Sam is a girl (obviously); he has a lighter, she has a compact!

Borrowed a bendy bit of duct for the far end of the tube (amazing what you find skip diving), one redhead lit the back, 2 redheads, bounced into polyboard V’s either side, lit the front – sorted.

Tungsten was the lighting of choice because we were going to video the scene as well, we called in Rob Foster (Broadcast TV) to help out. He arrived tooled up with some Lara Croft type shooters – that was handy – and, no, he doesn’t carry them around with him all the time. Sam was well up for the whole idea, and got into her scruffs and dirty die-hard vest. We shot some great stills and footage, just for fun, and that was that really.

Many thanks to Sam who was aces, and didn’t complain about her bruised elbows – what a pro!

More shots below – video soon.