Wooohoo! New Forklift!

new-forkliftThe Big Shed Photographic Hire Studio has just taken delivery of a new forklift!

May not sound like big news to you out there, but to us it’s a valuable addition to our kit. The new 2 tonne forklift (that’s what it can pick up – not what it weighs) has more lifting capacity than the unit it replaces, which makes unloading and moving props an even easier proposition.

Not only can the Lancer Boss ER20 forklift now move even more stuff, with some accessories attached, it can become a very adaptable shooting platform (especially for stills photographers).

The colourfully painted truck has a max platform height of 6 metres (although we would recommend shooting from “the cage” for that height) and is able to manoeuvre on a sixpence.

May the forks be with you…