We have new curtains!


The Big Shed Photographic Hire Studio has new curtains – no, not the window kind – the green screen kind!

Now the huge cove at Big Shed has a curtain track running round it from which hang green screen curtains or blue or even black! This makes life easier, simpler and cheaper for everyone – shoot on white in the morning, draw the curtains and shoot on green (or blue or even black) in the afternoon!

But what about the floor, we hear you ask.
No problems there either – we have invested in roll out green flooring – easy peasy limey squeezy! (the other side of the floor covering is blue – to match our curtains).

The pic at the top of this post is Boom TV shooting paralympian swimmer, Liz Johnson for paralympics indents. – as you can see, the curtains don’t just have to be hung conventionally. Young Spiderman (below) was shot for Rubies costume hire by Director Dave Mills of The Gate Films who also availed himself of one of the Big Sheds two green screen treadmills.

These latest additions to Big Shed Hire Studio make the shooting space even more versatile than before. Come down and take a tour – just call first to arrange a time.