Sound-proof the roof!


The roof of Big-Shed is sound-proofed! After listening (sic) to people in the film and video industry who shoot at Big-Shed, we took some advice and decided to further improve the facilities and get some sound-proofing into the place.

We talked to a chap called John Woods who has spent a lifetime as a sound recordist and acted upon his recommendations. John (a sound guy by all accounts) has spent a lifetime as a sound recordist and engineer and has worked on literally thousands of TV programmes – so his credentials are impeccable. In his role as an acoustic consultant he has developed solutions for the Pie Factory and The Sharp Project in Manchester.

He visited Big-Shed and checked out our ‘decay times’ with a special widgety thingy – apparently they were a tad lengthy and had to be dealt with! He stored the info away in his Macbook for later comparison. So, after a good look around and a swapping of ideas, we arrived at what must be done to the studio roof to create an even better place to shoot.

more-insulation-arrivesTwo weeks later a gargantuan load of ‘stuff’ was delivered on 18 pallets and the hard work commenced. We used 425sq metres of 600 x 600 x20 mm of matt black acoustic tiles neatly suspended in a black grid system, totaling 5500 feet in length . On top of this was laid 2 layers of 50 mm RW3 dense Rockwool slab – so, 100mm thick and an area of over 8000 sq feet! Then above this was a deliberate air void of about 15 inches before the original double clad and insulated roof of the building.

The installation of this wall to wall acoustic insulation took 6 long days with continual shifting of studio gear (and the products we were using) around the floor space to enable access for the scissor lift and fork truck to get to all parts of the roof.

the-installation-startspart-way-through-the-installation-processThe final result is amazing. A neat matt black finish now totally removes any reflection issues that were apparent before in any shiny product (a car surface for example) and total black out is now possible.

getting-closer-to-being-finishedJohn Woods came back to Big-Shed after the work was completed and set down his widgety thingy again and clapped his hands (as a quick test – not in some expression of joy or wonderment).”Wow” he said, quietly. “That’s good, that’s really good.” The decay time had been reduced to a fraction of the previous reading, he even showed us a ‘picture’ of the sound and then played the two for comparison. We have to say, we have never been so impressed by so little!