Shiny Shiny Shiny

Summer 2007 we got a call from Stuart Hicks of Airstream Europe…” how would you like to be the first studio in the UK to officially shoot our iconic range of travel trailers ” (they definitely do not approve of the word ‘caravan’ with reference to an

Top job! Bring ’em on.

A week or two later, on a beautiful blue sky day, two of these silver bullets rolled into the car park, wow – well shiny!

Airstream-2The two Airstream trailers certainly drew some attention from the neighbours and passing traffic, most of whom wanted a look inside. They have a kind of retro feel to the interior but are luxury fitted with all leather, air con, self seeking satellite TV, multi LCD tvs, fridges, DVD and sound systems and much more – you name it they’ve got it, these are not your average caravan oops, trailers!

Shooting the Airstreams in the studio was really an hugely up-scaled version of photographing a chrome spoon or kettle – a lot of white screen, large floaty ceiling, and lots an lots of bounced light. All in all, a very enjoyable job.

David Anthony, a photographer and hirer of Big Shed came to visit us on the shoot, he liked the trailers so much, he bought one!


Some facts:

An Airsream’s aluminium panels are hand riveted together using thousands of aircraft grade rivets. Of all the trailers built to date, about 70% are still in use. Celeb. Airstream owners include: Anthony Edwards, Ron Howard, Tom Hanks, John Ratzenberger, JJ Cale, Corbin Bernsen, Rutger Hauer, Sean Penn, Matthew McConaughey, Tim Burton, Brian Johnson (AC/DC), Andy Garcia, Matthew Modine, Johnny Depp, Sandra Bullock and Pamela Anderson.

A quote from “Behind the rivets” an air stream history…

Airstream travel began with a single man and a most singular dream. The man was Wally Byam: his dream, to build the perfect travel trailer. One that would move like a stream of air. One that would be light enough to be towed by a standard automobile. One that would provide first-class living accommodations – anywhere in the world. Thus, over 70 years ago was born the first Airstream travel trailer.

Some images: click here