Overfinch overjoyed.

“Proudly enhancing a legend since 1975, Overfinch is the world’s leading authority in high performance derivatives of the Range Rover

Overfinch’s approach is simple. Every vehicle we produce is crafted with the customer in mind, creating bespoke solutions to meet even the most exacting of requirements and standards

By using an exhilarating mix of latest technology and precision engineering, we have consistently delivered sympathetic visual enhancements and unsurpassed performance.”

That is a direct quote from the Overfinch website – which made us even more excited when we received a call from them: “Can we shoot a promotional video of our shiny new Range Rover GTS-X at Big Shed?”

The answer, of course, was yes. Absolutely. Yes!

A week later, Matthew Hall from Overfinch came along with his kit


The slick transporter arrived and deposited ‘a never been seen’ Range Rover on to our car park. Which was then duly positioned on Big Sheds white cove – perfect for this particular shoot. Big Shed provided lighting and a floating ceiling to bring out the best in the 575bhp burnt orange Range Rover. Matt and Justin, using a DSLR for filming, then set about shooting some ‘moves’ around the vehicle.

The results, along with the car itself were unveiled to the public at Overfinch’s stand at the Goodwood festival of speed.