It’s a gas, gas, gas…

Sam-Barker-British-Gas-2Back in the summer the Big Shed got a call from Germaine Walker, (who I hadn’t spoken to since we were at Blackpool College some 27 years ago!). She is now a successful photographer’s agent working in London ( and was on a search for studios up and down the country in which to shoot – wait for it… large groups of local gas fitters for a national British Gas poster campaign.

Big Shed Photographic Hire Studio was glad to be able to provide the studio space for the north west shoot and Manchester gas fitters group shots. The idea of the posters was to show that these ARE the guys who will actually come fix your boiler and generally see to your plumbing needs!

On the day of the shoot the car park was filled with 20 identical gas vans, all parked perfectly – very impressive!

One of Germaine’s photographers is Sam Barker, who had the lucky job of organizing all these gas men into some sort of ordered yet random looking group, not easy – real people need a lot of direction, but Sam certainly had the relentless banter to get the shots done.

British Gas, Gas Fitters Poster

British Gas, Gas Fitters Poster