Going once, going twice… gone.

type-57-bugattiWhen Simon Clay (a photographer based near London) was asked to shoot a Bugatti Type 57 and an Alfa Romeo Zagato 8C – both worth lots (and we mean lots) of English pounds, he chose to hire the Big Shed photographic studio to do it in.

Commissioned by a renowned auction house to photograph these two rare cars for a forthcoming sale catalogue, Simon instantly thought the cove and sweep in the Big Shed was the natural place to shoot them.

1932-8-c-zagatoEasy access, secure, all the lights, brackets, stands, reflectors, cups of tea (and biscuits) you would ever need; floating ceiling, wi-fi and internet access. What more could a photographer wish for?

The photographic shoot went smoothly for Simon, who was in an out quicker than you can say “Sold to the man with the camera!”