Dr Beckmann and ‘The Dress’


Jevon O’Neill of Hubbleberry called the other day with an urgent request “Can we create a doctors surgery out of parts of the Big Shed Studio – and in a hurry?”

Our response?

“Yes, absolutely, (we always say that – it’s ingrained in our psyche) we’ll send you some pics of studio areas and some made up flats”.

We deliberated about this, thought hard about that, Jev got brilliant set builder Alex Giles (07734 823 395) on the case. He rolled up in his van, out of which spilled numerous medical props, from wash basins to privacy screens, syringes and medical files. Not sure what our industrial neighbours thought was going on but it was just what the doctor ordered.

Within a day Dr Beckmanns surgery was created and ready for it’s first diagnosis. A pre- light later and and Hubbleberry were ready to shoot.


The ad features ‘The Dress’, nimbly brought to life by Lara Bradban who spent all day covered up in a green gimp suit and won’t even be seen – but, that’s acting for you!

‘The Dress’ is understandably worried about being washed for the first time – in case her colours run – and so seeks professional advice from Dr Beckmann. Enter the pack shot and his suggested remedy. Potential problem solved – what a relief for ‘The Dress’ as it skips away from the room and down the corridor.


A great visual gag, ably produced and directed by Jevon O’Neill, shot by the legend that is Geoff Boyle and then graded and cut by Editz.

It just goes to prove that floral and green won’t be seen. Check out the ad below.