Can we do that again? Again and again. And…

ICS_Learn_MoCo4A welcome return to the Big Shed saw Green Room Films shoot another ICS Learn commercial. We thought the last one (see “Not a brick in the wall”) had some tricky visual gags and snippy edits, but this latest ad was going to employ motion controlled transitions between sets (created by Vanessa Hawkins Design) with live action!

The storyboard shows a florist in her shop working at her table under which a mechanic will slide out on his low trolley to deliver his lines to a now overhead camera.
The shot then levels and pans left to reveal the primary school teacher and pupil in the classroom. Another camera move across the desk leads us to the business man’s office environment, after his lines the camera follows a background action character walking to camera right, she is a waitress who leads us into the final restaurant scene.


All of this would be impossible to achieve without some very clever use of motion control and the ability to re-shoot seamless camera moves and focus pulls repeatedly. The MoCo rig is an amazing lump of hardware that is about the size and weight of a small van (but massively more expensive!)
See the video below: