Call 999, my mouth is on fire!’

Dominos-meltdownMercedes Crescenti ( produced this ad for Mob Film and the client, Dominoes Pizza.

The Plot: ordinary bloke orders spicy hot pizza, eats it in his flat. Woahh! That’s hot! Hyper-ventilating in his chair, the fire brigade arrive, axing his door to gain entry they burst in, then blast the guy with a fire hose – forcing him and the chair across the room to pitch him over on to the floor in his bay window.

The bloke is ‘extinguished’ and is visibly relieved, the fire fighters are called away to another spicy pizza victim, cut to pack shot and end title.

Execution: build a blokey flat and adjacent corridor in the studio using lots of 10 x 5 ply sheets and a bay window, metres of studding timber and a small team of skilled set builders. Another team, the art department, arrive to work on sourcing all the props and furniture for the set. They tirelessly scour all corners of Manchester to fill this room with stuff to make it look right, they break, scuff and distress everything with a deft subtlety known only to havoc wreaking students. Stand back and admire handy work.
Oh Yes. Don’t forget to build the entire set in a shallow plastic tank, to save the studio and lives, as lots of water and electricity generally don’t mix to well!

The Shoot: early start (is there any other type?) all the usual crew arrive, plus a couple of ‘special’ ones: – a stunt performer and the ‘rain man’ with his pumps, hoses, nozzles and warm water bowsers to blast the stunt guy.

Eat bacon rolls drink coffee.

Light the set; assemble all camera kit, monitors, tracking.

Take 1, work through the storyboard.

Eat lunch. Carry on, multiple camera lock offs, new door, broken door, dry model, wet model, repeat all… and again… and again

Eat cake, drink tea. Carry on

Detail shots, dry model close ups, wet model close ups… is that it?

Thank you everyone that’s a wrap’ (it’s a pizza, actually)

See selected stills in the gallery.

Below is a video of the shoot taking place