Breath Away


Abigail Bailey is a house/acoustic/pop vocalist and DJ based in Reading, London, and the Southeast UK. Abigail spent most of the mid to late 1990s as the lead singer of jazz funk band Obsession. After that, she turned her attention to the dance music industry.

The best years of her career have been since 1998/1999, when she had her first breakthrough singles. Hooking up with Manchester’s own DJs/producers, Jason Herd and John Fitz, she released five collaborations in 2004 alone. Abigail is climbing the ladder and establishing her self among the cream of female house music vocalists. Her voice has been described as angelic yet soulful with a twist of diva.

Graham Hector productions (07770 442 66) were asked to produce Abigail’s video for the Breath Away single – most of the shots would be green screen or out of black, with extensive post production effects. However, many of the angles were ingeniously shot by Jon Pegler using flickering lights, a fast moving back and forth dolly, some overhead tracking Cage shots, and the clever use of a plastic mineral water bottle as a moving lens filter! Other shots involved twin backing singers, Abi on a treadmill, and driving a classic 1950s Mercedes sourced by Big Shed.

Graham Hector Productions chose Big Shed for it’s convenient location, helpful service and, most of all, for Big Shed’s friendly can-do attitude.