Blitz Kids at the Big Shed


Wednesday, late.

Got a last minute call from Julie Weir at Wiseblood Management, it went something like this:

“Hey Justin, can our Blitz Kids shoot their ‘Never die’ video at Big Shed before they jet off to LA? It’s urgent we need to do it soon!

“No problem, we have Thursday evening free – stay as long as you like, and be as loud as you like too.”

Blitz-Kids-filming-at-Big-ShedNext day Rolling Vision piled in to set up. Big Shed assisted with a few lights, full black out (those curtains are invaluable), tarpaulin floor, and a camera dolly ready to rock …well, just slide, really.

The ‘Kids’ turned up, had a bite to eat, a beer or two, a game of table footy, then got down to belting out their latest release, ‘Never Die’ a few dozen times! (We all know the words now – Ear worm!)

Rolling Vision shot on Red Epic supplied by the ever helpful John at Camera Kit Hire
in conjunction with Three Degrees West Productions.

Lots of singing, lots of smoke, lots of jumping – all wrapped at 1.30 am and back on the bus!

Blitz-Kids-filming-at-Big-Shed-2So who are the Blitz Kids then? They are, and we quote: “A rock band from South Cheshire could soon become a regular fixture on TV and radio stations after signing a major record deal. Blitz Kids, whose members live in Nantwich and Crewe, have signed up with London firm Hassle Records. The five-piece are frontman Joe James, guitarist Jono Yates, bass player Nic Montgomery, guitarist Billy Evanson and drummer Eddie Hawx.”
See their latest video below – all shot at Big Shed.