What clients have said

Here’s some feedback from recent users:

Justin is ace. Nothing is ever too much trouble and he can always find a solution or a bit of kit that will sort out whatever you need. There have been many times when I’ve stood in the studio and scratched my head, wondering how on earth to keep the client happy and get them that vital shot, when Justin has appeared (like the shopkeeper from Mr Benn) with a step ladder and a piece of rope that solves everything. From the overhead cage to the steamers to the hand made turntables, Justin has more useful stuff tucked away than anyone else I know. The facilities and the customer service you get with Justin are priceless. I have recommended him and his studio many a time and I will continue to do so.

Mercedes Crescenti, Mercedes Crescenti TV Ltd

I enjoy shooting in Justin’s studio, Big Shed – it always has a friendly, stress free atmosphere, on arrival the studio is always spotless and the cove is always perfect, we can hang lights easily from the grid and if we are short of any toys, Justin always provides us with backup. The parking is a bonus and its free, good music all day if you want it and generally the best photographic hire studio of its size in the northwest.

Bill Summers, Navajo Media

Once those roller shutters go down, Justin’s studio is a warm and friendly place. Great kitchen facilities, and even beer. We got several big cars in there for filming with no problem. Most importantly, the toilets were clean.

Jonny Smith, journalist and TV presenter (Fifth Gear, Industrial Junkie)

The Big Shed is a great studio to work in, spacious with great facilities and a friendly atmosphere, and if you need a bit of extra kit, invariably Justin will have it to hand. With free parking, a full kitchen, great sound system, mezzanine studio and all the assistance you could need to run a shoot, it is definitely my favourite studio.”

Neil, digital producer for David Anthony, photographer

…this is a fantastic professional studio to work in and just hang out, it has a great atmosphere and is like a home from home for me as I’ve spent weeks here over the last few years! Facilities are brilliant, the ‘help factor’ is superb and it has everything you need. I’ll be back!

David Anthony, photographer

Primarily, Justin is a very good professional photographer and reasonably cheap!
Which is why we use him! But of course size does matter, and with Justin comes the Big Shed, which is a great space from which to work, offering a large infinity cove, drive in access, an overhead shot cage and, in fact, all the other studio bits your ever likely to need !

Ced Milner, Frontrow Design

Great facility in easy access location – complete capability, modern, clean, functional and versatile. Friendly, helpful and responsive people – great teamwork. Delivery dates met, excellent finishing / production work. Good value, too!

Alan Watts, Director Driveline (Automotive) Mktg and Great Rides UK

The Big Shed is exactly that! Big.
It’s a great work space for stills photography whether you’re using the cove studio or the mezzanine. It’s immaculate and incredibly user friendly. From a photographer or agency perspective it’s a great place for clients. The car parking and storage capability for large shoots is perfect and the accessibility to major motorway networks is ideal and it’s easy to find thanks to Justin’s excellent map. Nothing is too much trouble in terms of equipment, set building – right through to catering. Justin is the ultimate host and Big Shed is the ultimate photographic work space in Manchester.

John Allen, Head of Operations, TBWA\Manchester and E-Graphics

Big Shed: It should really be called massive white box… A brilliant spacious studio that I’ve used for both film and photographic shoots. The facility has excellent parking, great client areas and never ending space – I’m still trying to weave in some aerial shot into the next shoot so I can wizz up an down on “the Cage”!

Daniel Bickerton, Creative, TBWA Manchester

Crewroom have been using The Big Shed for the last year or so now and love it there. The studios are well looked after and the service you get is second to none. I always know the production will run smoothly at The Big Shed as Justin is always on hand to deal with anything and everything we throw at him. I would highly recommend you take a look at the spaces on offer there.

Mark Povey, producer, Crewroom TV

As access and ease of use is paramount when working on commercial projects. It’s always a pleasure working in the ‘Big Shed’. Justin always makes everyone feel welcome and is always at hand to solve problems at any time. The studio space is always well presented and is flexible in its uses. All in all the ‘Big Shed’ is a great environment for both crew and clients.

Marc Ingham, director at Chief TV, Manchester

Working in the Big Shed proved to be more than I could have hoped for, with a shoot involving car, models and bikes. The space was so flexible and without the amazing powered overhead moveable platform !!!! one of the shots would have proved exceptionally difficult. They make you feel very at home and amazingly helpful, with plenty of parking, great cove and even a fork lift truck it really is quite special.

Tracey Gibbs, photographer

I have filmed a number of productions at the Big Shed from pack shots on video to green screen shoots on 35mm. They have all benefited from the good sized smooth cyc which is easy to light evenly and from the ‘can do’ attitude of Justin who’s hands on approach to solving problems is a refreshing change to some other studios. The mezzanine and overhead cage open up the opportunity to shoot from angles which would usually only be achievable by using expensive cranes with remote heads. All in all it’s a good size studio which offers just that bit more than others of a similar size.

Jason Bulley, freelance DOP/cameraman

Shooting at the Big Shed Studio was a really good experience ,Justin and Keiron were on hand and really helpfull – everything we needed doing was done promptly with no hassle, we were shooting groups of up to 20 people and that was no problem here, there was plenty of free parking spaces for everyone and always a good cup of tea on hand. I would say you could take on any type of studio shoot here and it would be great to do. Also seemed to be every clamp, stand, tool and accessory you could ever want, all in all a great place to shoot.

Sam Barker

I’ve always found Big Shed studio a great place to work: spacious, really well appointed, friendly and easy to get to and from. One of the big bonuses is the height which means working with cranes is easy.

Richard Oliver, director, Silver Films, London

Big Shed is a great stage we use often, good parking, drive in access, cove and all other services you would expect, but above all it has a comprehensive bank of all the bits and pieces you always forget – and an ultra helpful and resourceful host which makes shooting there always a pleasure.

Jon Pegler, D.O.P.

Photographing Airstream trailers is no easy task. They’re like a big mirror, curving in multiple directions, absorbing background images and reflecting light all over their curved aluminium exterior. The guys at Big Shed took it all in their stride and left no detail to chance. A great set up and great results.

Stuart Hicks, Marketing Director, Airstream Europe Ltd

We had a great time at Big Shed with all the cast of The Mighty Boosh acting out the most bizarre and surreal nativity scene you could imagine for the NME Christmas front cover. A big thanks has to go to The Shed for getting a donkey, goat and 2 sheep to the studio at an hours notice!! – outstanding, but hey, never work with animals , especially gorillas !

Andy Whitton, Photographer

Big Shed studios is one of the best big studios in the North of England, Justin and his team are always more than helpful and it is always good fun shooting there. It is well worth the drive from our base near Heathrow Airport.

Simon Clay, photographer

We like to work with Justin at Big Shed – he is always very helpful and the studio space is often exactly what we require. The area is well designed with a big infinity cove that gives us the opportunity to get exactly the shots and we need, and importantly the studio is also accessible and convenient.

Robert Foster, D.O.P.