Behind the Scenes

Big Shed can provide comprehensive, access all areas, behind the scenes still photography of your production whether it’s a studio or location shoot. Images can be quickly processed on the fly to your specifications. Video footage can also be taken along with cameo interviews or comments from cast and crew.

The processed still and/or video can act as a unique and comprehensive documentary record of your production which can be turned into books, large prints, cast and crew souvenirs etc.

Being Sold


An independently funded movie, ‘Being Sold’ was the idea of award winning director Phil Hawkins. Brilliantly written by Aidan Magrath, it’s a comedy that tells the story of John Foster who ‘manages’ to put himself up for sale on an auction site. The film follows the mayhem that descends upon him, his best mate and his family as the moments of the auction tick away. Produced by Phil, Mercedes Crescenti, Ben Swift and DoP Mike Costelloe and largely completed in just 2 days Being Sold is amazing achievement by all involved.

The film’s poster elements were also shot on the day by Justin and comped by Dinosaur Manchester. Big Shed produced the ‘souvenir’ composite prints, a great piece of memorabilia to hang on the wall.

All the images of the shoot below were taken by Big Shed.

Three mobile


Co-produced by Glue London and Chief TV Manchester and directed by Andy Lambert (HSI London); this Three Mobile tv commercial was shot over 4 days at several locations including a mill in Oldham, Mam Tor, various farms, the streets of Glossop and a swamp in the Peak District!

The ad was a spoof styled on the characters in the Rocky 4 movie. A nation wide poster campaign was also run.

All the images of the shoot below were taken by Big Shed.